2015-09-20 18:09:00

The Fourth National Starategic Plan on Chemicals Management (2012 - 2021) descrived the long term primary chemicals policy in Thailand.   pdf The Fourth National Chem Plan.pdf (0.93MB)






Within 2021 social and environment is safe by effective management of chemicals in accordance with national development and participation from all sectors.




  • To develop systematic management of chemicals to cover their entire life cycle and to be in line with national and international development.

  • To promote coordination of all sectors on national chemical management.

  • To minimize impact of chemicals on health and environment.




  • Thailand has mechanisms and chemical management system that can protect health and provide safety to people and environment.

  • All sectors have capacity to protect and control impact of chemicals on health and environment.

  • Strong networks on national chemical management established in the country.


Strategy 1Develop chemical database, mechanisms and tools for fully integrated system of Chemicals management.


Sub-strategy_1: Develop central chemical database system.


  • Develop central chemical database system strengthen database on chemicals in relevant agencies.

  • Link chemical database from relevant agencies and develop it into central chemical database system having fully integrated data (import, export, production, possession, selling, transportation, consumption, treatment and disposal) and further develop it so that the data can be publicly accessible and utilized.


Sub-strategy_2: Develop mechanisms and tools to support fully integrated system of chemical management.


Details can be seen to click on pdf The Fourth National Chem Plan.pdf (0.93MB)