2019-10-16 20:08:00

Major revisions from the version in April were below;


Section-4; Deleted the definition on the Article.


Section-36; Defined the representative who may apply registration and conducts chemical risk assessment on behalf of manufacturer.

2019-10-10 11:10:00

We saw some importers / forwarders in Thailand rejected to conduct ‘ONLINE CONSULTATION’, a web based input procedure for an essential part of entire CBI application system.


It might be natural for stakeholders who handle chemicals tend to know 100% of composition to prevent from any risks / incidents associated with undisclosed substances. Because, almost all of them who do not have enough knowledge in toxicology need to maintain safety as well as getting peace of mind! We should think of that.


Until now, ONLINE CONSULTATION allows only importers / forwarders to input general information which did not involve CBI.  So, a representative of manufacturer like HS-TECH was not able to input general information. It was only CBI in which HS-TECH can get involved.


Now, we will provide you with another way on conducting ONLINE CONSULTATION by HS-TECH itself as a representative for an applicant.


Please get in touch with us for more solutions.


Hashimoto Shinya, President