He has more than twenty years of experiences in semiconductor maker as an engineer for materials, all fields of environmental issues including product life cycle assessment on 32 bit micro controller incorporated into the engine control unit (ECU) and charge coupled devices for copy machine.  His team was granted Type III Eco Label (EPD) for these products from Swedish Environmental  Organization in 2003 [1].





[July 2007] 

He transferred from semiconductor maker to a consulting firm in Tokyo and provided chemicals related solutions with his clients such as: in the fields of European REACH, RoHS, Environmental Impact Assessment Issues in collaboration with a financial institute, fully owned by Japanese government. He wrote some books as a co-author. 


[March 2013]

He set up his consulting company, HS-TECH ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. at Ayutthaya, Thailand.       


[October 2014]

He relocated the office from Ayutthaya to downtown Bangkok, near the BTS Phra Khanong Station to provide best services to all sectors of customers.


Mr. Hashimoto had been involved in Pollutant Release, Transfer and Register Pilot Project in Rayong Province, Thailand  as a  Japan International Cooperation  Agency (JICA) Expert in chemicals risk communication area since August 2014.


A registered adviser, valid until March 2022 for FUKUOKA ASIA BUSINESS CENTER, Japan.



Japanese: native speaker

English: proficiently

Thai, Lao: business level

Malay and Indonesia: basic level