HS-TECH ENGINEERING located just around three minutes walk from Phra Khanong BTS Skytrain Station, Bangkok. We are committed to providing professional services to clients who do not  have enough resources to address;


● Environment Safety and Health Issues, such as; 

 1) Development / cutomization of chemicals management system

compliance tool.png


 2) Soil/groundwater contamination survey/remediation in Thailand (New)
       (Mr. Hashimoto has more than twenty years of experience in brown field survey and remediation.) 



      Thai  local way of purchasing materials for base of monitoring wells



 Welch’s t-test showed that there was no significant difference in population mean for all parameters of soil and groundwater survey, conducted in 2018 and 2019. 



3) Research on Regulation Related to Chemicals, Machine, 
 Medical Devices etc. in Thailand as well as ASEAN area and India.


Process Safety Management Regulation in Thai by Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT)  



  Industrial Wastes Classification in Thailand

thai industrial wastes classification.png


 4) Environmental Due Diligence




 5) Waste water treatment system design and implementation.


● Marketing and Feasibility Study for Operating Business in ASEAN region.


 roa roe 2.png


● Productivity Eenhancement for Industries etc.

● Import/Export Support of Goods.

An Example for CBI Application Flow in Thailand

cbi route 3.png

● Patent application.

● 3D Computer Simulation for Risk Assessment on Explosion/

   Fire and Pollution, associated with chemicals.

● Coordination on Non-Life Insurance policy for industrial sectors through a company in the United States.




photo june 1st 2018.png

Mr. HASHIMOTO was just about to deliver a presentation for members of Chemical Club in Thailand.  
At Emporium Suites Hotel Bangkok, June 1st 2018,




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