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Mr. Hashimoto, President of HS-TECH ENGINEERING contributed a paper to a bulletin named ‘Regional Economy Report for Spring Edition in 2016’ issued by Chikugin Research Institute for Regional Economy Co., Ltd (CRI)., a group company for The Chikuho Bank, Ltd, Japan.






He introduced his business activities in Thailand ranging from tips on company setting up, corporate governance, taxation, building up teamwork with local stuffs and addressing job transfer by stuffs.



2016-04-15 16:43:00

The first number will be issued in this August by JOHO KIKO CO., LTD [1]., which is a renowned publishing company in Tokyo, Japan and continue to publish every month until the next June, 2017.





The journal intends to focusing too much on regulatory status around the globe, particularly ASEAN countries, India and Russia as well as Japan.


Mr. Hashimoto, President of HS-TECH ENGINEERING Co., Ltd (HS-TECH) in Bangkok detailed the current status on Thailand [2], especially hazardous substances notification to Hazardous Substance Control Bureau (HSCB), Department of Industrial Works, Thailand and a judgement system on hazardous substances by HSCB.


The chapter of THE TIMELY REPORTS for Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and India were planed / coordinated by HS-TECH in collaboration with local experts in chemicals. Translation to Japanese will also be made by HS-TECH.









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Don't you try to notify hazardous substance information to DIW, Thai Government free of charge?



We offer an only one time special trial for importers or manufacturers who are tough time in making decision which substances would be hazardous based on the 10 haracteristics of list 5.6, designated by DIW. HS-TECH ENGINEERING will submit Hazardous Substance information for specific product on behalf of you to get judgement by Hazardous Substance Control Bureau (HSCB), Department of Industrial Works (DIW), The Ministry of Industry, Thailand.




                                          Photo Provincial office for DIW



Please get in touch with us if you were interested in our proposal. It should be noted that we shall request you to provide us with entire information in English to fill in the necessary portion of the notification form, วอ./อก. ๒๐ (Wo O./O Gho. 20).





The form can be downloaded by clicking pdf Notification form for non-haz (0.08MB)


 Our free trial  will be closed at 17:00 on April 22th in Thailand time zone (GMT+7).


Hashimoto Shinya

President, HS-TECH ENGINEERING Co., Ltd.