2018-03-21 12:00:00

Mr. Hashimoto, President of HS-TECH ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. is going to contribute a manuscript for Chemical Management Journal in Tokyo. He intends to introduce details of Thai Way of Chemical Risk Assessment System for both new chemicals and existing chemicals which have already listed on the inventory. The Journal will be published in July.


The Department of Industrial Works (DIW), The Ministry of Industry will demand importers / manufactures to conduct chemical risk assessment for industrial chemicals which enables DIW to implement risk management policy.



Outlines of the manuscript will be below.


The first step;

The first step of the Chemical Risk assessment will identify “priority substances” by way of screening methods in calculation of three scores (hazardous score, exposure score, persistence / bioaccumulation score) and annual tonnage.  The definition of three scores is still in process of development.  The definition of annual tonnage is also not so clear. 

It should be reminded you that key players of conducting chemical risk assessment are importer / manufacturer.


The second step;

Importer / manufacturer will prepare Chemical Risk Assessment Report for the “priority substances” on the view point of human risk and the environmental risk evaluation through mathematical model. Some priority substances will be defined as "Substances concern" or  "Toxic substances" in the result of second step.


The third step;

Stricter risk management shall be implemented to the toxic substances by DIW and relating authorities. The toxic substances might be regarded as so called “hazardous substance”, designated by Hazardous Substance Act.