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We saw incidents in the IRPC, Rayong Thailand at;



HS-TECH ENGINEERING is able to evaluate explosion/fire and leakage risks, caused by petro-chemical industries etc., using 3D software 'fluidyn-ASSESS-RISK [1] ' in collaboration with fluidyn Co., France.

You might cut down on damage insurance fee drastically by evaluating risks with fluidyn-ASSEE RISK software.



explosion fluidyn 1explosion fluidyn 2

NOTE:Figures were prepared by fluidyn Co.


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fluidyn-ASSESS-RISK is a software tool for the analysis of accident scenarios on industrial sites. The software uses the latest  UFIP(French Union of Petroleum Industries) risk assessment methodology (Blue Book) for petrochemical refineries to analyse all possible accidental scenarios on petrochemical sites by analytical and empirical methods. This UFIP methodology has been validated by INERIS (French National Institute for Environment and Risks).  

fluidyn-ASSESS-RISK is a software developed by TRANSOFT International in collaboration with the UFIP (French Union of Petroleum Industries), a major organisation of French petroleum industry.