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May 20, 2020; The Ministry of Industry defined on the Royal Gazette that chlorpyrifos, chlorpyrifos-methyl, paraquat and paraquat dichloride were Type 4 hazardous substances which shall be banned on manufacture, import, export, and possession.

2020-05-17 13:12:00

Dr Taweesin Visanuyothin, COVID-19 Center of Situation Administration (CCSA) spokesman said on May 15th at press conference that The Scenario-2 was the most suitable option for Thailand.



Covid-19 scenario by Ministry of Public Health, Thailand when lockdown ends in Thailand  from now until September 

The first scenario, effective until May 16

The first scenario is if Thailand continues the lockdown measures announced under the emergency decree [1], we will have approximately 15 new cases per day and three reported cases per day, Dr Taweesin Visanuyothin, CCSA spokesman, said on Friday (May 15). "The number of critical patients who need to stay in ICU and use ventilation machines will be 15, which is easily manageable."


[1] An effectiveness of air flight ban had mothing to do with emergency decree in an announcement by deputy Prime Minister. 

          The second scenario, effective from May 17

The second scenario is when the country starts to ease lockdown measures and lets certain businesses to operate as usual; we may have approximately 114 new cases per day and 24 reported cases per day, he said. We will also have 105 critical patients who need ventilation machines; our medical facilities and equipment should be adequate.

The second scenario is the most suitable option for us, said Taweesin of CCSA.

                             The third scenario

The third scenario projects the situation when Thailand lifts all lockdown measures and allows all businesses to resume. The daily new cases could jump to 398 with 65 reported cases daily and 289 critical patients.





The table was prepared by HS-TECH ENGINEERING Co., Ltd., based on an article,

issued by THE NATION THAILAND dated on May 16th, etc.


2020-05-17 13:02:00

Dr Taweesin Visanuyothin(タイ国COVID-19情況管理センタースポークスパーソン)は516日の定例記者会見で、保健省が示したCOVID-19における都市封鎖解除後の3つのシナリオのうち、シナリオ-2がタイで最も適していると述べました。



緊急事態宣言発令下 [注] において都市封鎖措置を継続する場合

新規感染者数 15人/日


[注] 航空機のタイへの乗り入れ禁止措置と非常事態宣言の効力(破棄)とには何ら法的関連性がありません(副首相による)。



新規感染者数 114人/日

Dr Taweesin Visanuyothin



新規感染者数 398人/日に激増


注)THE NATION THAILANDの5月16日付電子版等に基づきHS-TECHが作成

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may 11 2020 automotove thai company1.png

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Note that the issue below is still under consideration by Thei Government, based on the latest information.


China, South Korea remain on risk zone list



In an article published online on May 8th by a daily newspaper, The Nation Thailand that China and South Korea will be excepted from the High Risk Country List [1] due to the reason that sharp decrease in a daily new cases of COVID-19 with a single digit.


[1] High Risk Country might mean Disease Infected Zonein accordance with Communicable Diseases Act B.E. 2558 (2015), the Minister of Public Health.


People who need to enter into Thailand from a Disease Infected Zone shall  strictly comply with various requirements by Thai Governments below.


may 9 2020_thai covid-19 requirements.png


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