2016-07-30 19:07:00

HS-TECH ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. will outline the procedures and lots of remaining issues concerning about the amendments of Hazardous Substance Act 1992 in line with the following items.



1. Understanding of amendment processes for the Hazardous Substance Act 1992, based on specific Thai culture. 



2.  Development of existing chemicals inventory



3.   New chemicals management system




pdf Amendment on Hazardous Substance Act 1992.pdf (0.27MB)




2016-07-28 23:07:00

Who knows which product would be hazardous in line with list 5.6 except for officers in Hazardous Substance Control Bureau (HSCB), Department of Industrial Works (DIW), the Ministry of Industry Thailand?


We only knew that there are 10 characteristics of chemicals / products which meet the criteria for the list 5.6.


The 10 characteristics can be seen at; 


Consultation system on the judgement of hazardous substances / product by HSCB was not clear and no documents on criteria have been disclosed to the public by HSCB.


HS-TECH ENGINEERING Co., Ltd will track the history of list 5.6 on the next information, including impossible for manufacturers to secure confidential business information (CBI).