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SVI was ordered closed for 60 days for damage assessment and safety inspection by Industry Minister, Chakramon Phasukvanich on October 12.

 Thai lnguage version is available to click on here ; pdf SVI Fire Thai Nov 24.pdf (0.4MB)




Damage was initially estimated at more than 500 million baht due to the fire at SVI Co., expected to cause by sparks from welder’s torches or something [1]


SVI Co. makes electronics parts for CCTV cameras at the Bang Kradi Industrial Estate in Pathumthani, Thailand. The fire happened at the 200×300 meters plant. Two female workers were injured from suffocation. The poisonous fumes from the fire forced rescue officials and plant security to evacuate all 600 workers who worked at other plants nearby[2].


Police investigators speculate that the source of the fire might have originated from sparks from welders torches that could have spattered on to flammable electronic components and setting them on fire.The deputy director–general of the Department of Industrial Works, Sakda Phankla insists that the noxious odor emanating from the factory was not chemical. The stocks of chemical such as alcohols and thinners are safe and were not burnt and have been moved to a safe location[3].


Due to safety concerns, authorities from the Pollution Control Department is closely monitoring fumesfrom the factory that may pose a health threat as some acidic gases have been detected. He warns that these gases could detrimentally affect the human respiratory system if more than one hour exposure is experienced[3].




We are able to point out risks, accosiated with chemicals in your production lines, ware houses etc.

We are able to make countermeasures to mitigate chemicals risk. 


An example of the RISK ASSESSMENT can be seen by clicking the link below;


pdf Risk mitigation countermeasure (0.39MB)


pdf Organization’s various risks Thai version a.pdf (0.13MB)



Have you ever seen the way on how to simulate gases dispersion and heat flux, associated with fire?  We are able to make model to estimate damage area in 3 dimensional way by using state of the art computer technologies with PANFIRE, provided by fluidyn Co.


SOURCE: fluidyn Co., France






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