2014-12-20 12:32:00

Thailand governments (Pollution Control Department, Department of Industrial Works and Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has been taking initiatives, called  'Pollutant Release, Transfer & Register (PRTR) Pilot Project' in Rayong Province, locates on the south eastern region of Thailand. 




Key components in this project are as follows;


  • Develop calculation methods  to estimate amount of release and transfer of hazardous chemicals, designated by the Pilot Project [Completed].

  • Submit data voluntarily to government by polluters who belong to industrial sectors,  based on the 'calculation methods' for each industrial categories [Ongoing]. 

  • Grasp amount of release, transfer chemicals from various sectors including industry, house, hospital, vehicle etc [Ongoing].

           Example: Data Validation Meeting at  headquarters of Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT)


  • Share information on chemicals with various stakeholders through RISK COMMUNICATION MEETINGS in Rayong area with facilitator and chemicals adviser who have specific knowledge on management of this kinds of meeting and chemicals [Ongoing].

  • Build basic scheme (plan) on PRTR system to mitigate environmental impacts in Thailand, associated with chemicals by means of various policy mixture [Ongoing].


If you want to know more details of PRTR, please conect with

  • Shinya Hashimoto,

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