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ACCEPTABLE SEPARATION DISTANCE (ASD), a regulatory indicator in the United States to protect human and building/structure from explosion/fire, associated with chemicals.



 SOURCE:[], Accessed on July 5th 


There’re two safety standards in 24 CFR Part 51, United States to calculate ASD.

1) Structures

  • Thermal Radiation (fire) – 10,000 BTU /Ft. sq Hr. (31.5 kW/m2)
  • Blast Overpressure (explosion) – 0.5 PSI (105 Kpa)

2) Human

  • Thermal Radiation (fire) – 450 BTU/Ft. sq Hr. (1.4 kW/m2)


ASD Electronic Assessment Tool is available at;

Just note to remind you that calculation of the ASD is the first step to assess site suitability.



SOURCE  Accessed on July 5th




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