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No. Field Question Answer
1 Basics What are the (chemical) substances for which Thai SDS creation is mandatory? Chemicals containing hazardous substances as defined in the Hazardous Substances Act, etc, determined by chemical name, CAS number, cut-off value, etc.
2 Basics Who is responsible for SDS preparation, plant owners? Factories in certain industries as defined in the Factories Act.
3 Basics Who is responsible for the SDS, supplier of hazardous chemicals? Suppliers who supply hazardous substances to the specific factories must be responsible for preparation of Thai SDS
4 Basics We have a lot of chemicals and we don't know which ones are subject to Thai SDS mandates. The components of your company's chemicals are extracted from HS-TECH's datasets (e.g. Hazardous Substances Act, Health and Safety at Work Environment Act, etc.) by CAS number or text string to check whether Thai SDSs are mandatory or not.
5 Basics If the Thai SDS has not been prepared by April 25 and the supervisory authority points out the illegal situation, what to do after that? Actions need to be taken to avoid direct punishment and to bring the matter to guidance/recommendation.

Example 1) Prepare documentation that clearly states that the Thai SDS preparation work is in progress and that the completion date and time are clear.
Example 2) Skills and performance of the Thai SDS preparer.
6 Basics What is the problem with the way of description on non-disclosure of ingredients on SDS? In SDS Section 3 'Composition Information on Ingredients', a number of notations are found that do not comply with the guidance of the Ministry of Industry. The product cannot clear customs as it is.
7 Basics Isn't this common in Thailand, where the Thai government creates regulations but is not strict in the actual operational phase? The Ministry of Industry is getting serious after the public outcry caused by the massive explosion and fire at a Taiwanese chemical plant. On-site inspections will be stepped up.
8 Basics I don't know if the "Worldwide SDS" that we have covers Thai laws and regulations. For example.
Check SDS section 15 'Regulatory Information'. The SDS needs to be revised if Thailand-related laws and regulations are not yet mentioned.
9 Basics Does HS-TECH have a guide on hazardous chemicals in Thailand? HS-TECH can provide clients with a guidebook, entitled  'Recent Developments in the Regulation of Hazardous Substances in Industrial Chemicals under the Jurisdiction of the Department of Industrial Works (DIW)' and other documents for a little fee.
10 Penalty How much is the fine? Up to 200,000 baht/case
11 Penalty How much is the fine? If it is found to be malicious, it may also result in imprisonment.
12 Penalty How much is the fine? Companies that receive tax benefits, such as corporate tax exemptions, must be the first priority of inspection by Thai Governments.
13 Quality What is E Grade (Excellent) of Thai SDS? Revision of deliverables (up to two times), including SDS layout adjustments, as pointed out by the client.
14 Quality What is S Grade (Standard) of Thai SDS? The client is responsible for the detailed appearance and layout adjustments of the Thai SDS.
The client is requested to inspect the Thai SDS at the same time as delivery.
However, obvious typographical errors and omissions in Thai will be corrected if pointed out.
15 Quality Is there a problem with Thai SDS quality compared to other companies? HS-TECH  provides  S grade (Standard) or E grade (Excellent) of Thai SDA according to quality and request by client.
16 Quality Is there a problem with Thai SDS quality compared to other companies? HS-TECH will, if necessary, consults the cooperation and advice of academics in this field.
17 Quality What about the quality of local companies that provide Thai SDS Our second opinion works and other works observed that the quality of local companies (several of them) Thai SDS were extremely low.
18 Quality How is the quality of the Thai version of the SDS creation tool / software? The Thai SDS quality, generated by the tool / software  is inferior to our Standard grade quality.
19 Quality Which of revised GHS Thai edition does HS-TECH adopt when creating Thai SDS HS-TECH basically conforms to the GHS Revision 3rd edition. However, due to subsequent developments in Thai, HS-TECH handles the client's requests flexibly.
20 Quality Is it possible for client to revise only Chapter 15, Regulatory Information? YES. HS-TECH covers all relevant Thai regulations, including  Hazardous Substances Act, the Health and Safety Workplace Environment Act and the Process Safety Management Regulations.
21 Quality Can client check the quality of SDS, created by HS-TECH? HS-TECH can provide clients with half-page of Thai SDS.
22 Quality Is it possible to handle regular maintenance of the Thai SDS? HS-TECH continuously monitors around 60 Thai regulations  as well as the ones in various countries. Regulatory monitoring services are available on request.
23 Price Is it possible to get a discount? HS-TECH must be flexible in price setting, based  on inspection / payment terms / quality (S,  E grade)
24 Price How much does it cost to create a Thai SDS? Contact us. We will do our best to cope with your requests.
25 Backgrounds Why is the Thai SDS creation mandatory? The Ministry of Industry and the relevant regulatory authorities were severely reprimanded by Thai society for their inadequate response to a major fire and explosion at a chemical plant in Thailand.
26 Delivery How long does it take to create a Thai SDS? It takes around several days;  We do not use SDS auto-generation tools or softwares. However, in the case of scratch, it depends on the status of the components of the chemicals.
27 Delivery What can clients do to streamline delivery times? Please provide SDS in a Microsoft Word file.
28 Delivery What can clients do to streamline delivery times? Please provide the number of SDS and the total number of components of the chemicals
29 Delivery Is it possible to create a Thai SDS from the information of only ingredients? Thai SDSs from scratch can also be created by HS-TECH.
30 Contract agreement Confidential agreement HS-TECH can provide you with a template of  contract (in English).
31 HS-TECH Outlines of HS-TECH in chemical management services. HS-TECH is providing risk management support and overseas development support services in ASEAN and India.
Feature 1:
'Trends in Chemicals Regulation in India', Journal of Chemicals Management, Vol.06 No. 12, Tokyo, 2022
32 HS-TECH Outlines of HS-TECH in chemical management services. Web Seminar: Q&A on chemicals in Thailand (50 minutes for each company), hosted by Technohill Co.
33 HS-TECH Outlines of HS-TECH  Independent consulting company established in Thailand in March 2013.