2023-12-05 16:33:00

Thai SDS preparation is mandatory starting from April 25th, 2024.


Questions on Thai SDS Preparation Answer by HS-TECH
What can clients do to shorten the delivery time? Please provide us with the SDS in Microsoft Word File.
What can clients do to shorten the delivery time? Please provide us with the number of SDS(s) and the number of ingredients
SDS quality, compared with competitor's SDS quality HS-TECH provides clients with S grade or E grade level of SDS, based on the requirements of clients.
SDS quality, compared with competitor's SDS quality If necessary, HS-TECH can consult Thai expertise in academia.
SDS quality, prepared by local consultancies HS-TECH has confirmed that the quality of local competitors is extremely low compared to our second opinion review.
How about quality or output, generated by ERP or software? In our limited knowledge, it is inferior to our S-grade quality
Which GHS version is applied to SDS preparation HS-TECH follows the GHS 3rd revision and additional information.
Is it possible to edit ONLY the SECTION 15, Regulatory Information of SDS YES
Definition on hazardous chemicals (products), defined by Thai regulation? Based on Hazardous Substance Act
Who is responsible for preparation of Thai SDS? "Factories in specific industries" stipulated by the Factory Act
Who is responsible for the preparation of Thai SDS? companies who  supply hazardous chemicals to a particular factory are responsible in preparation of SDS as suppliers
We (clients) handle lots of chemicals and don't know which chemicals fall under Thai regulations. HS-TECH extracts hazardous ingredients from the client's data in CAS number search method.
If the SDS has not been prepared by April 25 and the supervisory authority points out the situation, what to do after that by factory owners? It is necessary to take measures to avoid direct punishment and bring it to guidance/recommendation by Thai Government.

Example 1) Prepare documents that clearly indicate that the SDS preparation work is in progress and that the completion date and time are clear.
Example 2) Skills and achievements of SDS creators got involved in the job.
In compliance with the description of undisclosed ingredients in CBI rule In SDS Section 3 "Ingredient Information", there are many notations that do not comply with the guidance of the Ministry of Industry.
As is often the case with Thailand,
stricter regulation but implementation is not so stringent. 
The Ministry of Industry, which has been subjected to social condemnation, is serious. On-site inspections will also be strengthened
I (client) don't know if the "Worldwide SDS" that my company has covers Thai laws and regulations. e.g. Please review SDS Section 15 "Regulatory Information". If Thailand-related laws and regulations are not listed, the SDS needs to be revised.
How much is the fine? Up to 200,000 baht/case
How much is the fine? If it is found to be malicious, imprisonment may also be imposed 
How much is the fine? Companies that receive tax benefits such as corporate tax may be targeted.
What are the reasons why Thai SDS preparation become mandatory? The Ministry of Industry was severely reprimanded by Thai society for its inadequate response to large-scale fires and explosions at chemical factories.
Confidential agreement between client and HS-TECH. HS-TECH has a template of the Confidential agreement between parties.