2020-09-01 11:56:00


SUBTITLE: An Existing Chemicals Inventory and Thai Way of New Chemical Management Mechanism


Mr. Hashimoto, President of HS-TECH ENGINEERING and its staffs are going to contribute a paper to a Japanese major chemical management journal, regarding the current status on Industrial Chemicals Regulation in Thailand. The Journal will be published in the mid of November.


Outlines of the contents were;


Chapter-1. Outlines of Existing Chemicals Inventory, operated by DIW

v  11,471 substances were listed on the data base.

v  Two new concepts,

1) chemical management code was introduced.

2) Low Concerned Chemicals(LCC), General Chemicals (GC), Chemicals of Concerned and High Concerned Chemicals (CHC).

v  Around 75 % of chemicals are still under data validation or data collection


Chapter-2. Chemicals Risk Management Approach for Existing Chemicals

v  Flow Chart on Risk Management Approach


Chapter-3. Development on the New Chemicals Management Mechanism

v  Thai Way of Chemical Risk Evaluation

v  Procedures on identification of Priority Substances and Toxicity Substances

v  Establish New Chemicals Management Mechanism for LCC, GC, CoC and CHC


 sept 1 2020 mechanism DIW.png


Chapter-4. Challenges for players with whom get involved

v  Cope with GC and LCC

v  Learn Thai Way of Chemical Evaluation Methods, developed by Thai local university


Chaptet-5. Master Plan on Overall Industrial Chemicals Regulation Until 2026