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19 May 2020

Royal Thai Government Gazette Website; Published the announcement of the Ministry of Industry; Hazardous Substances List (No. 6) B.E. 2020


23 May 2019

A key person voted that glyphosate should be canceled / removed from the type 4 substance and changed measure to limit use.

27 May 2020

Order of the Department of Agriculture (No. 750/2563); Implementation of Hazardous Substances type 4, responsible for the Department of Agriculture



27 May 2020

Secretary-general of the Safe Farming Confederation,  plaintiffs together with 11 people, filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Industry, including the Minister of Industry, the Hazardous Substance Committee  and the Department of Agriculture.



1 June 2020

Ban on " Paraquat - chlorpyrifos" are on the list of hazardous substances, designated by Hazardous Substance Act, effective from 1st June 2020

[chlorpyrifos, chlorpyrifos-methyl, paraquat, paraquat dichloride, paraquat methosulfate are under the control of Department of Agriculture]



8 July 2020

A meeting of Draft of announced the Ministry of Public Health of food that have pesticide residue. A meeting on drafting of pesticide residues in food at the Ministry of Public Health.

14 June 2020

Minister of Agriculture and Cooperative counterattacks to groups that oppose to ban the 3 substance (Chlorpyrifos,Paraquat and glyphosate)


Until 30 June

1.Farmers shall return said products to shop within 90 days (1 June – 29 August 2020). Violation of imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years, a fine not exceeding one million baht.


2. Shop shall return said products to importer or manufacturer within 120 days (no later than September 28, 2020).


3. Manufacturers and importers Notify the quantity to the officer of the Bureau of Plant and Agricultural Material Control for collecting hazardous substance according to the form Wor Or. / Wor Kor. 5 within 270 days (Not later than 25 February 2021).



Until 18 July

Thai- FDA is in the process of accepting opinions on (draft) announcements from the Ministry of Public Health (No.?) B.E. ... issued under the Food Act B.E.2522 regarding food contains pesticide residues (Issue 3)