2020-04-29 17:01:00

DIW launched a web portal site for enterprises to facilitate the Hazardous Substance Single Submission (HSSS) via online for

both applying for a new license and requesting a renewal, registration, production, import, export and having in possession. 

The HSSS has been taken effect from 18th April 2020.


april 29 2020_diw hsss.jpg






In order that, enterprises [1] may submit a request or application regarding hazardous substance via Hazardous Substance Single Submission system (HSSS system) with the electronic form of the Department of Industrial Works as follows.


-           Application for Register of Hazardous Substances (Vor Or/ Or Kor 1)

-           Application for Renewal of Register of Hazardous Substances (Vor Or/ Or Kor 4)

-           Operation of Hazardous Substance Type 2 (Vor Or/ Or Kor 5)

-           Renewal of operation of Hazardous Substance Type 2 (Vor Or/ Or Kor 5/1)

-           Application for permission to manufacture hazardous substance (Vor Or 1)

-           Application for permission to import hazardous substance (Vor Or 3)

-           Application for permission to export hazardous substances (Vor Or 5)

-           Application for permission to have possession of hazardous substance (Vor Or 7)

-           Application for License Renewal (Vor Or 9)


[1] Enterprises who had a registered number of The Department of Business Development, The Ministry of Commerce may apply for a membership of Hazardous Substance Single Submission (HSSS);


Membership Application Guide;