2019-12-01 12:01:00

It might be quite challenging for foreigners to collect / evaluate Thai regulatory information unlike other countries which continuously issue overwhelming volume of information. In getting Thai relating information, we have to depend on a few of seminars occasionally held or gazette from local governments.


Most of the materials / sources were mainly provide by Thai language and foreigner could not make sense of what the key points of the seminar / materials were even when Thai staffs summarized. It depends on the depth of the job experience or communication gaps between staffs. Furthermore, it seems that few organizations / companies have daily connection with local government and receive regulatory information from officials.


Then, on March 13th, 2020 at Toky, JOHO KIKO, a renowned publishing company in Japan and HS-TECH Engineering in Bangkok is going to co-host a seminar entitled Thailand, Chemical Regulation Seminar'. It is noted that the Seminar will be held under great coordination by Division Director for DIW, inviting some key DIW officials to share the latest status with various audiences.



Please visit the web site of JOHO KIKO [1] to apply for the seminar. Attendees can send inquiry prior to the seminar.








Key Points on the New Thai Chemical Act and things to be addressed for companies who handle chemicals in Thailand by DIW official.



Current topics related to enforcement of the existing Hazardous Substance Act, including CBI, Existing Substance Inventory, Hazardous Substance Single Submission, Risk Assessment, etc. by Ms. Jariya of Hazardous Substance Management Division, DIW, The Ministry of Industry.



Address and Lessons learned from various Chemical regulations in Thailand by Hashimoto of HS-TECH.



Discussions, Questions and Answers between lecturers and audiences.