2018-08-08 20:20:00

August 7th at the Century Park Hotel, Bangkok, The Department of Industrial Works (DIW), Thailand held a one-day seminar / workshop with industrial sectors in Thailand to discuss a Master Plan on Chemicals and Hazardous Substance which was drafted by a consulting firm. The Master Plan will be refined and completed by this October.


The number of attendees were around 200 persons in the morning session and around 50 persons for the afternoon session.


 seminar 2 aug 7 2018.jpg


One-day Seminar / Workshop at Century Park Hotel, Bangkok


Organizers for the seminar / workshop introduced the position of the drafted Master Plan as follows;


1. Study the procedures on collection of information for the management of chemicals and hazardous substances in accordance with relevant laws including plans and work plans related to chemicals / hazardous substances.


2. Analyze the barriers to managing chemicals / hazardous substances that affect health, the environment and the economy and to propose solutions to address problems and obstacles.


3. Prepare Master Plan for the Management of Chemicals and Hazardous Substances targeted period of between 2562 (A.D. 2019) and 2569(A.D. 2026).


Details can be seen by clicking the portion below highlited in blue.



pdf minute diw seminar opening remarks aug 7th 2018.pdf (0.99MB)




The conceptual, educational and kind of irritating framework approach for the Master Plan on Chemicals reminds me of a contrastive survey [1] , conducted by Sriviriyanupap W. et al., entitled “ Developing indicators and method of drug classification according to Thai law” which had intended to reclassify the complexed categories of various drugs in Thailand with a budget from Thai Food & Drug Administration.


The survey pointed out that the Drug Act B.E. 2510 did not clarify the obvious criteria, indicators & methods of the registered drug classification before and should be harmonized with other countries.






We do hope that the drafted Master Plan on Chemicals by DIW should be more and more practical and useful with the involvement of regulatory experts in chemicals for major players, particularly industrial sectors who make every effort in keeping compliance for various regulations around the globe.