2018-07-21 15:36:00

Mr. Hashimoto, President of HS-TECH ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. is going to deliver the second presentation [1] at TAKINOGAWA KAIKAN HALL [2] , Tokyo from 12:30 to 14:30 on October 19, 2018. The seminar will be organized by a renowned publishing company, “JOHO KIKO CO., LTD”, located on Tokyo.




                            TAKINOGAWA KAIKAN HALL, Tokyo     Sourvce: from the website


He intends to explain some important topics / regulations which he had not mentioned  in the First Seminar such as ;


  Thai RoHS in complicated situation and 'a' reason why it has been stuck since 2008.

   e-waste and plastic regulation, particularly food contact materials

  Minamata Convention and its domestic implementation in Thailand

  Process Safety Management Regulation*


Please do not hesitate of joying the Second seminar. He will review the First Seminar in the beginning of the Second Seminar.


 * Added on August 29 and September 23.