2018-01-06 18:02:00

Mr. Hashimoto, President of HS-TECH ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. will deliver two presentations on Thai chemicals regulations in Tokyo, particularly he is thinking of focousing too much on core elements of Risk Assessment (RA) Methods whose system will be applied both existing chemicals and new chemicals which have fallen under some criteria, designated by the Department of Industrial Works (DIW).


The core elements of the RA are;

1) Priority List

2) Toxic List

3) Hazard score

4) Exposure score

5) Persistence/Bioaccumulation Score

6) Hazard assessment value

7) High risk substance 

8) Concern of Risk


Portion of the Hazard Score


  Hazard Score
  High-3 Moderate-2 Low-1
c) Mutagenicity/Genotoxicity      
GHS hazard categories for germ cell mutagens GHS category 1A, 1B Positive in vivo or in vitro Negative 
  GHS category 2    
d) Reproductive Toxicity      
GHS hazard categories for reproductive toxicants GHS category 1A, 1B GHS category 2 Non-specific secondary
      consequence of reproduction
TSCA Work Plan Chemicals: Method Document 2012      
              Oral (mg/kg/day) <50 50-250 >250
              Dermal (mg/kg/day) <100 100-500 >500
              Inhalation (gas/vapor) (mg/L/day) <1 1-2.5 >2.5
              Inhalation (mist/dust) (mg/L/day) <0.1 0.1-0.5 >0.5



The Risk Assessment Procedure might require importers / manufacturers to conduct human and environmental risk assessment through the core elements and to prepare risk assessment report. 


Two times of  session for one and half hour seminar, organized by a publishing company  will be held in the afternoon of April 13.


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