2016-12-16 11:20:00

DIW announced a new notice on November 9th that definition of the new substances in Thai market will be clarified through open discussion etc. with various stakeholders in the near future.


Then the new policy on custom clearance for new substances might not be applied immediately from the next January. Furthermore, efforts in the development of existing chemicals inventory will still be continued in 2017.


What is the definition of existing chemicals?



Does the Preliminary of Thailand Existing Chemical Inventory Data Base or the NEXT EDITION OF THE INVENTORY DATA BASE cover substance / product which will be applied in 2017?


Most of the negotiation and instruction was  made on the table between officers of DIW and applicants of chemicals or products.


Few information / guidance has launched on the web site of DIW. It seems to me that it was typical culture in Thai , far from the legal procedures in the countries which have already installed the same kinds of regulation.