2016-08-02 09:57:00


                            Figure  Notification procedure on hazardous substances information


 HSCB; Hazardous Substance Control Bureau, DIW: the Department of Industrial Works



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  • Importers in Thailand have still been key players in the notification on hazardous substance to HSCB, DIW Thailand.


  • Most of the notifications on existing chemicals have been made by importers of the products, reflecting upon direction by HSCB.


  • On the other hand, some importers have had tough time in getting CBI from manufacturers and are not able to apply useful products for importation to Thailand. 


  • Some Manufacturers, located on the outside of Thailand, strongly claimed that confidential business information (CBI) would not be secured in this notification procedure.


  • Absolutely, the notification procedures do not prevent CBI leak from importers to other manufacturers.


  • Copy of original products might be released all over the world.


  • We reallize that almost all legal processes in Hazardous Substance Act were absolutely not clear.


  • How to address it?