2016-02-28 15:40:00

Ms. Somsri [1] had mentioned the amendment of Hazardous Substance Control Act, Thailand at the seminar in Bangkok, entitled 'ASEAN-Japan Chemical Data Base', which was hosted by Chemical Industry Club, the Federation of Thai Industries on February 26th.


She outlined a milestone of existing chemicals inventory, notification on hazardous substances information by the end of this year, new chemicals risk assessment  and enforcemet timing in 2017.





Ms. Somsri (right) at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok

(February 26th, 2016, taken by Hashimoto)



[1] A director for Hazardous Substance Control Bureau, Department of Industrial Works, the Ministry of Industry Thailand.


Mr. Hashimoto and Ms. Fern of HS-TECH ENGINEERING particpated in the seminar as a member for Chemical Industry Club.