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Dear clients who have a plan to expand your business in Thailand.



Business in Thailand is not so easy due to severe competitions with Japanese manufacturers and even Thai companies who have been trained by major (Japanese) clients. The company which does not have specific skills, abilities is unable to survive here in Thailand.



 Tax refund policy for people, aged over 21 years old who were the first time in purchasing new cars was banned in last September.  It might be a major factor that Thai economy tumbles into recession. Furthermore, inheritance tax of 5% will be imposed to people who inherits more than 100,000,000 THB. So it will show little impacts on common people. Some Thai people have side jobs and actual income might be much more larger than that of their official salary. The real economy in Thai may be not so bad than you have imagined.



 Phra Khanong area, Bangkok


Living in Bangkok is very convenient even though taking into account of various risks such as immaturity of infrastructures, relationships with people. Some executives who works for Japanese companies eat only at Japanese restaurant which serves relatively safer foods to prevent health risks. But we can eat cheap and delicious Thai foods at open-air stalls and local restaurant in the price around 50-60 THB.


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 Rama 9 area, Bangkok


Medical care system is sophisticated in Bangkok. There are some famous hospitals which provide patients with medical treatment at their own expense perfectly. Remuneration for medical treatment for an outpatient will be below 3,000THB which can be affordable by health insurance, operated by local companies.


Bangkok is regarded as a business base for clients who intend to expand their business into ASEAN countries and India with new tax break policies and financial supports by public funds etc. We realize that there are so many issues when operating business in Thailand by ourselves.  One of the most important points was to grant the certificate of Board of Investment (BOI) or non-BOI for manufacturing sectors, services providers. We recommend you to get started in mitigation of risks.



 Biz trip to Bengaluru, India


Sincerely yours.



Hashimoto (Mr.), President, HS-TECH ENGINEERING Co., Ltd.