2016-01-30 18:42:00

Department of Industrial Works (DIW), Thailand requested importers and manufactures to notify hazardous substance information with specific form in Thai Language voluntarily on the web site of Hazardous Substance Control Bureau by December 31, 2016.


It was noted that  importers and manufactures shall apply to get I.D. and password  with some legal documents of its company in advance of notification on the we site.



A notification form (page 1 of 2)

        A notification form (page 1 of 2)



This might be an initiative in the process of developing existing chemicals inventory and drastic renovation of industrial chemicals management system.


Notification will also be made by third party who has a letter of proxy on behalf of importers and manufactures.



Details of our services can be seen by clicking  below;



pdf Notification services en (0.43MB)


pdf 届け出サービス (0.26MB) : 日本語版 (Japanese version)



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